5 of the most important things in IT Customer Service

Customer Service: importance of fast AND accurate information

So, the other day it occurred to me that working in customer service isn’t all that easy, for instance in my case I am working in a new unfamiliar environment and supporting a new and unfamiliar infrastructure with which I have limited knowledge of. So providing both quick and accurate information has been difficult, and getting the right balance for any new starter is naturally important.

Ensuring efficiency accuracy and speed in a support environment

It may sound like an impossibility to be fast and accurate but giving this some thought it occurs to me that it is not so difficult. In fact, one of the reasons why I started this blog was to enable me to store some of my experiences, so I don’t have to. And as time goes by, in the case of coming across new problems which will begin to seem familiar, having my own personal knowledge base could make a big difference to my efficiency, accuracy and speed.

Think Ahead, create your own knowledge base – record information accurately and in advance of the time you need it:

It’s things like this kind of thinking ahead which is probably worth the most to businesses. It increases the functional ability of the individuals they employ, and so means that the employer gets more for their money. Most important of all it makes the employee’s life a little bit easier by planning ahead, and I believe this is key to any successful business or technician.

Being proactive (but not over the top!)

Being proactive is obviously a very important trait in any employee. The company benefits from individuals which take responsibility and ownership of problems, which allows the business to concentrate on more pressing organizational problems and solutions than the perhaps less business-critical itinerary of service technicians and so on. But it is possible to over do it, “chill Winston” as the all wise Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels quote goes. It is possible to be too uptight and intense about mistakes or potential difficulties one encounters, so always remember to:

Take it easy.

Make sure that you have enough winding down time in the evening. Be it futurama, family guy or the simpsons, you need to look after you, because you are the most important thing to any business. Without you the business doesn’t exist, so, that means sometimes taking time off, as opposed to always taking time on. By all means show up early to show your dedication, and if you enjoy that kind of thing then keep on doing it.


The point here is to make sure that there is enough time for all the things that make an employee hard working, calm, well rested, excited and balancing all of these traits is quite easy when you know what your trying to do. Which brings on potentially the most important thing.

Set Goals

Many people do not set goals, however, if a company or a person has not set objectives then it can be very difficult to understand what kind of attitude or action is required in order to achieve them. Think of it like a boat with an engine, it may be the finest engine of the land, and have the most expensive and well thought out parts, all the best attributes of a good employee, but if the boat has no direction, no navigator, captain or crew, then that boat cannot get to where it needs to go, and it’s only because nobody knows where it is going! So, no matter how vague the goals you set are, it’s always good to set a few rough goals in my estimations, because then at least you know which way to sail, and even without the meanest and bestest engine, a simple sail with a direction may get you quite a lot further!


Which brings me on to the last thing. You have to want to be successful, but also you have to be determined to try and make that success. You already have a direction, and some tools to help you like planning, and record keeping, you already think ahead and consider the most efficient and cost effective solutions, but without that determination to keep it going, even when it fails, you will find it very difficult to provide THE best customer service you can. By being determined, you will be able to benefit from your experience, and when the going is difficult, you won’t give up or drop out. This is probably the most important thing of all because it gains the respect of your fellow employee’s and builds confidence. My motto is don’t give up! Nothing is more important than showing how seriously you take things, except for the times where you just need to relax and take a chill pill. Believe me, in customer service if you do not know how to do both of these very well, you will not last long!