Determining exact Disk space usage on a Linux Server

Thanks to my colleague Aaron, he deserves the credit for this, this nice little one-liner for determining largest directories usage on a Linux Server.

Handy for customers having issues with running out of space and helping them identify unnecessary files, runaway logs, and other disk fillers.

FS='/';resize;clear;date;df -h $FS; echo "Largest Directories:"; du -hcx --max-depth=2 $FS 2>/dev/null | grep [0-9]G | sort -grk 1 | head -15 ;echo "Largest Files:"; nice -n 19 find $FS -mount -type f -print0 2>/dev/null| xargs -0 du -k | sort -rnk1| head -n20 |awk -F'\t' '{printf "%8d MB\t%s\n",($1/1024),$NF}'