Resetting Rax_Service_Level_Automation metadata

This one is worth a mention because it causes some of our customers alarm. If your seeing this ‘warning’ in your Cloud-server control panel, don’t fret!

Building” “Server build complete. Installing & configuring software.

It’s just automation!

When you build a cloud-server and select the two tick boxes at the bottom of the build server page (scroll right down), this instructs rackspace automation to attempt to install the Rackspace monitoring & Rackspace Backup agent.

When the server finishes building, these are usually applied by the automation, but sometimes it may have an issue logging into the server and doesn’t run as expected.

Since this warning only indicates the monitoring and cloud backup auto-install failed, these can still be installed by yourselves manually at the below location (please note these links may become out of date use and for more detail):

# Manually Install Monitoring (if required)

# Manually Install Cloud Backup (if required)

To summarise and clarify, the notification ‘”Server build complete. Installing & configuring software.’ indicates that your server environment built OK, and that the server is waiting for automation to install the additional 2 Rackspace products.

If you see this notification again, it is safe to ignore in terms of the functioning of the cloud-server, and is intended as a warning so you know Rackspace monitoring and cloud backup were not additionally installed by the automation. I have reset the state of your server and you can consider this situation resolved.

If this is causing you concern, it’s actually possible to correct this yourself by installing supernova and novaclient. Please take special care when using admin resources such as nova and API. It’d be difficult to break something if you don’t follow these instructions, but still…take care!

# Install using Python pip the supernova nova wrapper and the rackspace-novaclient
pip install supernova rackspace-novaclient
# Remove the 'rax_service_level_automation' metadata from this server
supernova customer meta serveruuidgoeshere delete rax_service_level_automation

Simples fix. Please note that you will need to configure supernova. This is explained in the supernova category of this blog, and also at:

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