Adding some excludes for Lsyncd

A customer was having some issues with their syncing, as was shown by their inotify

Error: Terminating since out of inotify watches.
Consider increasing /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches

Fix was quite simple, to remove other folders from sync that aren’t necessary.

Adding this line to the /etc/lsyncd.conf


And creating the ‘excludes’ file for LsyncD, i.e. what folders you want to ignore, in this case we wanted to ignore old httpdocs.OLD backup.

# cat /etc/lsyncd-excludes.txt

A shockingly simple fix.

Please note that the path in lsyncd-excludes.txt is determined by the path in lsyncd. (do not give full path, give relative path inside the parent). It was a simple fix.