Checking Webserver Logs and generating hit counts

So, I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. I’m sure your all familiar with this crappy oneliner where you’ll check the hits using wc -l against a webserver log for a given hour and use for i in seq or similar to get the last 10 minutes data, or the last 59 minutes. But getting hours and days is a bit harder. You need some additional nesting, and, it isn’t difficult for you to do at all!

for i in 0{1..9}; do echo "16/Jan/2017:06:$i"; grep "16/Jan/2017:06:$i" /var/log/httpd/ | wc -l ; done

I improved this one, quite significantly by adding an additional for j, for the hour, and adding an additional 0 in front of {1..9}, this properly is matching the Apache2 log format and allows me to increment through all the hours of the day. to present ;-D All that is missing is some error checking when the last date in the file is, im thinking a tail and grep for the timecode from the log should be sufficient.

Here is the proud oneliner I made for this!

for j in 0{1..9}; do for i in 0{1..9} {10..59}; do echo "16/Jan/2017:$j:$i"; grep "16/Jan/2017:06:$i" /var/log/httpd/ | wc -l ; done; done