Creating Plot Animations Exports in Wolfram Mathematica

I’ve been trying out the trial of Wolfram Mathematica as part of my research into cosmic OS and creating a generative universe from the square root of -1 and other interesting things. In this example I’m generating some waves and altering a given component of the equation to provide frame by frame output of the plot. It’s really neat and I am having a lot of fun with it.

I noticed their documentation is pretty useful at documenting each function but you have to do a bit of effort to understand properly how to plot into export directly. The two choices available seem to be a frame by frame fps ‘da’ variable, the other by calling AnimationDuration->15, notice also in this example imageresolution and antialiasing are set, ImageResolution -> 800, Antialiasing -> True, this overides the default animation setting, which for our purposes is too small for a large range of variable sine wave ‘a’.

Stuff like this makes me really happy, and will be a perfect approach in the meantime for some of our renders for Cosmic OS.

myS[x_, y_, a_] := Sin[x y + a];
Export["manipulate4.avi",  Manipulate[  Plot3D[myS[x, y, a], {x, -200, 200}, {y, -200, 200}], {a, 0, 500}],"AnimationDuration" -> 100 , ImageResolution -> 800,  Antialiasing -> True]