Remotely administering a MySQL server, and error 10060

Note to self 10060 is caused by an iptables problem, not a MySQL grant problem!!!

Will update this article in coming week.

We had a customer which was getting an error 10060 when trying to connect to MySQL Server. Obviously 10060 error code is explaining that MySQL doesn’t think the remote is allowed, so closes the connection.

The user only has to do a few things to make sure they are allowed, which is basically make sure the right MySQL grants are added on the mysql server they are trying to access remotely. Please note that the section ‘5F398fDKof$%‘ denotes the password, and somemysqluser denotes the username and the denotes the ip address. you will need to replace the ip address with the remote machine you want to access your mysql server, and replace the username with the user you want to connect with. Please, use a different password than ‘5F398fDKof$%‘ as well, to ensure your installation is as secure as it possibly can be.

So, something like this, will be great: