fixing access denied error with Rackspace First Gen Servers

A lot of customers complain of not being able to login to the remote administration console because of their latest java 7 or java 8.

I found, thanks to a colleague friend of mine that this can be remedied by installing the latest version of Java 7 revision 80. Here is what I did.

After installing Java 7 , r80, You will have to go into the JAVA configuration and set the security settings to “Medium” for it to work though.


If you are running Java 7, r79 or earlier, or Java 8 you will need to uninstall java, and then reinstall it again. Being sure to restart the browser you are using. I tested using firefox.

1. Uninstall JAVA from your System Preferences or Control Panel, depending on your OS and confirm that it is missing from the browsers addons/plugins.
2. Reinstall Java SE Runtime Environment 7u80 at
3. Set JAVA security settings to medium in the JAVA control Panel.
4. Browse to your mycloud console window, and accept any security warnings you get.

I have tested this on my machine and I can confirm that this does work.

Best wishes,