Installing Rackspace Cloud Backup agent on Linux Systems

So, I had a few customers this week that were having problems going thru the setup of Rackspace Cloud Backup on their Linux System. There is some documentation on Rackspace Knowledge Center about this but it is essentially really really really simple to install. Here are the steps for Debian Systems,:

1. Update your aptitude packages, then make sure python-apt is installed

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install python-apt

2. Download the cloud backup installer

wget ''

3. Install the cloud backup installer

sudo dpkg -i cloudbackup-updater-latest.deb
apt-get install -f

4. Ensure cloudbackup-updater is installed by running

cloudbackup-updater -v

If you get any kind of response at all (other than command not found), it installed OK.

5. Configure the cloudbackup driverclient

sudo /usr/local/bin/driveclient --configure -u yourmycloudusername -k yourmycloudapikeyhere

6. Start the cloud backup driver client daemon service

sudo service driveclient start


Ironically, it’s easier for Redhat based systems (Fedora, Redhat and CentOS)
1. Download the cloudbackup updater RPM

sudo rpm -Uvh ''

2. Check updater is installed

sudo cloudbackup-updater -v

3. Configure with your mycloud user and API , Key, in this case you will be prompted to type in your mycloud username and API key details, you find this in “Account settings” of your mycloud control panel

sudo /usr/local/bin/driveclient --configure

4. Start the driveclient cloud backup service

sudo service driveclient start