Downloading / Backing up all Rackspace Cloud Files

Here’s a quick and dirty way to download your entire Rackspace Cloud Files container. This comes up a lot at work.


# Debian / Ubuntu systems
apt-get install python-pip
# CentOS and Redhat Systems
yum install python-pip
pip install swiftly

Once you have installed swiftly, you will want to configure your swiftly client. This is also relatively easy.


# create a file in your ‘home’ environment. Using ~ is the root users directory
# if logged in as root on a unix server

touch ~/.swiftly.conf 

You will want to edit the file above

pico ~/.swiftly.conf 

The file needs to look exactly like the text below:

auth_user = yourmycloudusername
auth_key = yourapikey
auth_url =
region = LON

To save in pico you type CTRL + O

You have now installed swiftly, and configured swiftly. You should then be able to simply run the command:

Running swiftly to download all containers/files on Rackspace Cloud Files

swiftly get --all-objects --output=mycloudfiles/

This comes up a lot, I am sure that some people out there will appreciate this!