Obscene Redundancy utilizing Rackspace Cloud Files

So, you may have noticed over the past weeks and months I have been a little bit quieter about the articles I have been writing. Mainly because I’ve been working on a new github project, which, although simple, and lightweight is actually really rather outrageously powerful.


Imagine being able to take 15+ redundant replica copies of your files, across 5 or 6 different datacentres. Rackspace Cloud Files API powered, but also with a lot of the flexibility of Bourne Again Shell (BASH).

This was actually quite a neat achievement and I am pleased with the results. There are still some limitations of this redundant replica application, and there are a few bugs, but it is a great proof of concept which shows what you can do with the API both quickly and cheaply (ish). Using filesystems as a service will be the future with some further innovation on the world wide network infrastructure, and it would only take a small breakthrough to rapidly alter the way that OS and machines boot/backup.

If you want to see the project and read the source code before I lay out and describe/explain the entire process of writing this software as well as how to deploy it with cron on linux, then you need wait no longer. Revision 1 alpha is now tested, ready and working in 5 different datacentres.

You can actually toggle which datacentres you wish to utilize as well, it is slightly flexible. The only important consideration here is to understand that there are some limitations such as a lack of de-duping, and this uses tar’s and swiftly, instead of directly querying the API. Since directly uploading thru the API a tar file is relatively simple, I will probably implement it like that as I have before and get rid of swiftly in future iterations, however such a project is really ideal for learning more about BASH , CRON, API and programmatic automation of and sequential filesystems utilizing functional programming and division of labour between workers,


Test it (please note it will be a little bit buggy on different environments and there is no instructions yet)

git clone https://github.com/aziouk/obsceneredundancy

Cheers &

Best wishes,