Grabbing network activity from server without network utility

So, is it possible to look at a network interfaces activity without bwm-ng, iptraf, or other tools? Yes.

while true do
RX1=`cat /sys/class/net/${INTERFACE}/statistics/rx_bytes`
TX1=`cat /sys/class/net/${INTERFACE}/statistics/tx_bytes`
DOWN_Bits=$(($DOWN * 8 ))
UP_Bits=$(($UP * 8 ))
DOWNmbps=$(( $DOWN_Bits >> 20 ))
UPmbps=$(($UP_Bits >> 20 ))
echo -e "RX:${DOWN}\tTX:${UP} B/s | RX:${DOWNmbps}\tTX:${UPmbps} Mb/s"
RX2=$RX1; TX2=$TX1
sleep 1; done

I found this little gem yesterday, but couldn’t understand why they had not used clear. I guess they wanted to log activity or something… still this was a really nice find. I can’t remember where I found it yesterday but googling part of it should lead you to the original source 😀