Programatically Generating a m3u Playlist

There are many reasons why you might want to create a m3u playlist. Although, I created this snippet for two reasons. I wanted to create, in pursuit of a better interface for machine learning and artificial intelligent consciousness, a way to randomise, and potentially utilise a quantum neural interface for video segmenting. The process utilises an old process called mystical divination, and effectively works by utilising the heisenberg wave function, and the quantum electrical probabilistic system that is associated with feynbergs Q.E.D. In reality it just uses the RAND function of the computer to generate a not totally random entropy, or a partially ordered random string which is then used to select segments of video. One could see how such construction would be important in the utilisation of machine learning, a neural interface, or any other probabilistic machine learning algorithm that was data and probability dependent.

There are probably a lot more opportunities for this method than the simple program depicts, and the sky is really the limit. Certainly in terms of reprocessing and recursive video processing, this is a very interesting subordinate as a fractally recursive application of generative and randomized video could provide creative avenues for machine learning and conscious electrical dynamic probabilistic systems for years to come. Although I have excited many mathematicians at my claims at creating brainwaves from the square root of -1 and an arbitrary robotic electrical voice which, can be used in a working neural interface already published and created by myself thru solomon books and the tesla society UK, much work needs to be done to ‘commercialise’ the idea. The present apparatus of the human condition is wantonly wasteful and is not currently compatible with these autistic rants of tesla and bull.

# simple script to play random x segments of 5 seconds in length of a file. 
# shuf needs adjusting dynamically for different file lengths but i didnt have time to write an
# interface for ffmpeg to pass to my software to dynamically programatically generate it etc etc.
# still a really cool idea, used recursively it could produce many neural interface 'reflections'.
# when combined with a generative video accelerator / AI consciousness.
# effectively neuro feedback between generative and discriminating artificial intelligence
# a 'growing' generative discriminator is the holy grail of AI ML.

TIMESLICE=$(shuf -i 100-1000 -n 1)
rm playlist.m3u

echo "#EXTVLCOPT:start-time=$TIMESLICE" > playlist.m3u
echo "#EXTVLCOPT:stop-time=$TIMESLICE2" >> playlist.m3u
echo "videofile.webm" >> playlist.m3u
vlc playlist.m3u