Upgrading Xen Tools on Rackspace NextGen Windows 2008 Servers

The following steps are for Rackspace Windows Next Generation servers ONLY that have been recently upgraded from First Generation Platform
DO NOT try to run on first generation servers


Please use the following link for more information on upgrading Windows 2008 Xen Tools.


Please only perform these steps if you know exactly what you are doing.

1. Stop and remove the Openstack guest agent service
1.1 Open a command prompt by clicking the Start menu, selecting Run… and typing the following command followed by an enter:
1.2 Once the command prompt is open, type the following commands to stop and then remove the Openstack guest agent service named “Rackspace Cloud Servers Agent” here
sc stop RackspaceCloudServersAgent
sc delete RackspaceCloudServersAgent
1.3 Ensure that the Rackspace Cloud Servers Agent is no longer listed in your list of services (you can check this via the Services panel in Control Panel > Administrative Tools)
2. Download the updated Openstack guest agent service (if you have not already) from https://github.com/rackerlabs/openstack-guest-agents-windows-xenserver/releases/download/
3. Once downloaded, extract the .zip file to the following directory:
C:\Program Files\Rackspace\Cloud Servers\Agent
3.1 If you had the agent installed there already, the file manager is going to ask you whether to overwrite the files found there with the ones being extracted, answer by saying to replace everything
4. Navigate to the folder where you extracted this archive and launch the installagentservice.bat batch file (depending on the file manager you may not see the .bat file extension)
5. Ensure that you have Rackspace Cloud Servers Agent listed in your Services panel (you may need to click the refresh button to see it)

At this point, you should have the Openstack guest agent service version installed and running.

To install the Citrix Xentools driver package
1. (if you have not already) download it from http://b2566e7bb4c60838ad8e-2feac036ecfab0eba46621f3ae4943bc.r28.cf1.rackcdn.com/xen_tools_65_20200_Server_2008_and_R2.zip
2. Extract the archive to a temporary folder
3. Run the install.bat file and wait for the installation to finish completely (it will disconnect the RDP session and reboot your server multiple times)
4. Once your server is up, you can check the installed Citrix branded entries in your Programs and Features control panel page
4.1 If you don’t see version numbers there, you can either just select the entires to view their version in the detail section on the bottom of that window, or you may want to enable the version column by pressing the ‘alt’ button once, in the resulting menu selecting ‘View > Choose Details…’ and ticking the box next to ‘Version’ in the list.