Updating Xen Server PV Drivers

So you want to update your PV Drivers for your machine. You might want to do this if you are for instance migrating a VM with older PV tools, and you want to use on a newer Hypervisor. Some windows machines are particularly sensitive and can sometimes crash if the latest tools are not installed. In this case no tools are intalled at all on a 5.6 host. So we are going to install the PV 5.6 drivers.

This may be of use to Rackspace customers of the first generation platform.

Install/Upgrade PV Drivers Linux

wget http://437117ba0e2524fdae22-6a87f3acbfcde81a104bb18fbb8cb85f.r47.cf2.rackcdn.com/xen_tools_installer.sh; 
chmod u+x xen_tools_installer.sh; bash xen_tools_installer.sh; rm -rf xen_tools_installer.sh

Install/Upgrade PV Drivers Windows

# Xenserver 5.6 PV Drivers
# Xenserver 6.0 PV Drivers
# Xenserver 6.1 PV Drivers
# Xenserver 6.2 PV Drivers

The windows setup is a lot simpler. Just download a zip for your version of Xen Server (MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHICH ONE! IMPORTANT), and then run the xensetup.exe. Simples!

From the Hypervisor side

It’s possible to use xenstore-ls and check against the domain for the PV drivers in the attr attribute;

Tools not installed example, empty attr

# xenstore-ls /local/domain/218 | grep attr
attr = ""